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On Call Information Sheet for

James Brown

Springfield & Staplehurst

James Brown

Date of birth:

December 9, 1998


Springfield House Staplehurst Rd, Sittingbourne ME10, UK


Health conditions:

  • James has been diagnosed with Autism, learning difficulties, challenging behaviour, anxiety, and rheumatoid arthritis. James is suspected to have a personality disorder; James does not want to work with psychology/ psychiatrist for a formal diagnosis.
  • James has had an ongoing health concern with his face becoming discoloured. His face will go red/ purple. It is currently being investigated to see if it is an allergic reaction or something else.



  • Codeine 15mg 2xtablets 8:00am and 19:00pm
  • Sertraline 100mg 1xtablet 8:00am
  • Risperidone 1mg 1xtablet 8:00am and 19:00pm 10-12 hours gap
  • Lansoprazole 30mg 1xtablet 8:00am To wait 30-60 minutes for food
  • Propranolol 40mg 1xtablet 8:00am
  • Lymecycline 408mg 1xtablet 8:00am
  • Fexofenadine 180mg 1xtablet 8:00am
  • Circadian 2mg 1xtablet 19:00pm
  • Adaplene gel PM only
  • RoActerma 162mg 1x injection once a week on a Wednesday. James goes to the doctors to have this administered.

Behavioural management:

Known behaviours:

  • Abrupt/sarcastic tone.
  • Lack of eye contact.
  • Appearing to isolate himself in his bedroom.
  • Staring for long periods of time at a person/object/wall.
  • Body Language – tense/restless or he may pace.
  • Vocalisation – high in volume/low in pitch.
  • Shouting or groaning.
  • Does not want anyone close to him.
  • Disturbed sleep/decreased appetite.
  • Pretending to be fictional characters – usually crime related or violent characters from films or series.
  • Appearing to mimic behaviour or speech of other individuals.
  • Appearing to tell untruths about staff to family, staff members or service users.
  • Verbal abuse.
  • Screaming.
  • Damaging property.
  • Physical abuse (historically directed at Mum and brother) kicking/hitting.
  • Disengaging from others.
  • Saying staff will not let him eat/leave his room.
  • Contacting mum and becoming verbally challenging towards mum – screaming / swearing.
  • Intentionally pressing the fire alarm although there is no risk or sign of a fire.
  • Appearing to tell untruths about staff to family, staff members or service users.
  • James has been observed to be in his bedroom and have a two-way conversation with himself. For example, James has been observed to say, “Don’t fucking push me” “Don’t you fucking pinch me”.
  • Contacting family or other professionals and shouting via phone call.
  • Calling care management during these times


  • Mum
  • Being in pain with his arthritis
  • Not understanding/processing conversations.
  • Feeling people are laughing at him.
  • Wanting to be supported by staff already on 1-1s/saying he doesn’t want allocated 1-1.
  • Sensory overload (smells/taste/temperature/texture/sounds/too much activity around him).
  • Not being able to speak to Dad on the phone.
  • Speaking to Dad on the phone.
  • Saying ‘No’ to James.
  • Certain members of staff
  • Finances- amazon spends
  • Medication times
  • Ignition- Neil
  • Not being able to do something he wants to do
  • Staff sickness
  • Not having a 1:1
  • Routine change
  • Boundaries

How to manage this:

  • Move others out of the area if it is safe to do so.
  • Ensure there is a second member of staff within earshot.
  • Be alert of your immediate environment and any objects that could be used impulsively in a dangerous manner (if possible, remove in a casual manner).
  • Ensure your exit is clear.
  • Pay attention to signs of physical pain/offer pain management strategies.
  • Offer James a ‘way out’ – if he is in the middle of an activity, offer him the chance to end the activity. Do not put any further demands on him.
  • Reduce environmental noise.
  • Offer personal space/quiet space and no physical contact.
  • Reduce talk to minimal, use a soft, neutral tone.
  • Keep a predictable routine and familiar staff.
  • Consistency is key – when James is displaying challenging behaviours, no more than 2 staff members to complete welfare checks/communicate with James unless there are concerns or if behaviours appear to be escalating.
  • When completing welfare checks, 2 members of staff are to go upstairs but only 1 should be visible to James.
  • If appropriate, emergency services such as the police may need to be called to help contain the situation.
  • James appears to calm down once he has vocalised his feelings through swearing, shouting, and screaming. Staff to allow him time to express his feelings.


Last Updated:

Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 12:39:23 PM UTC
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