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On Call Information Sheet for

Brian Todd

St Georges & Medway Rd

Brian Todd

Date of birth:

June 21, 1942


223 St George's Ave, Sheerness ME12 1EJ, UK


0900-1700 – BT will decide in the morning what it is he is doing (resting in or going out). If going out, BT may require support taking money out of his tin (ideally no more than £20 for his own safety), please just ask him if he has enough and he will shake or nod his head. If home then BT will potter around the house and garden, he may spend time in his own room. BT is able to go out independently.


1700-2200 – BT has hi dinner at aprox 1700 and requires help with using appliances and managing cooking times; if he has eaten out in the daytime, he may only want soup or nothing at all (he does make himself sandwiches for the evening). BT will happily spend his evening in his room watching DVD’s (warning as these can be explicit in nature) or colouring in pictures. BT will only need occasional welfare checks.


Medication Times

0830 / 1600

Last Updated:

Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 12:14:11 PM UTC
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