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On Call Information Sheet for

Christopher Moore


Christopher Moore

Date of birth:

December 2, 1977


39 Nelson Ave, Minster on Sea, Sheerness ME12 3SE, UK


CM- CM has a diagnosis of autism and epilepsy and he is non-speaking. His epilepsy is well managed by his medication, his last seizure was in 2014 where he had a tonic clonic seizure, he fell to the floor and cut his head open, paramedics were called but CM declined any medical intervention and staff supported with first aid as advised by paramedics, (this is common for him to decline any medical intervention or examination). SHOULD CM HAVE A SEIZURE AN AMBULANCE SHOULD BE CALLED STRAIGHT AWAY.


CM displays challenging and self-injurious behaviours. When his behaviours heighten he is offered a PRN zapain 30mg/500mg, if his behaviours are sever (head bang against the wall- sever self-injurious behaviours) he is to be offered 2mg lorazepam which is in his medication cupboard.


CM is supported 2:1 in the community. CM has medication at 08:00, 14:00, 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00 and all medication is to be supported 2:1 as CM is dispensed his medication he will pour this into his hands and take tablets in and out of his mouth, it is important that two staff always remain with him with medication. Staff should avoid touching CM without him first instigating touch, this can trigger challenging behaviours. CM can over stimulate in his reflection and when he is displaying picking behaviours.


CM has a routine when his PC is completed this routine can be found in his folder. CM will stand to pass a bowel movement over the toilet he is then supported with PC by staff. CM is supported with all of his daily living skills by his 1:1 staff and his meals and fluids.


CM will sign please and point to the item that he wants. CM is to drink decaf tea and sugar free and decaf cola due to behaviours.

CM is not fond of loud noises and will move away if the room is too busy, he can also decline support from new staff and can display challenging behaviours.

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Thursday, December 22, 2022 at 10:32:39 AM UTC
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