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Client Name
Cell Number
Roger Khan
Standford Hill
C (Pods)


Support package: 30 mins daily (Roger’s preference is morning early 8:30-9am but I explained we may have to work with your rota as you travel round all the prisons)

Roger has many health conditions, including Crohn's Disease, lung disease, and a hiatus hernia. Roger is now on 24/7 oxygen with a concentrator in his pod, and when he leaves his pod he has a mobile oxygen concentrator that is on a trolley or he uses a portable cylinder. He now has an electric wheelchair, which he uses to when leaving the pod, but likes to try and walk a bit too. Roger experiences extreme shortness of breath on exertion.

Roger requires support in the shower because he finds this task physically demanding and he has to keep pausing for breaks to get his breath back. He has a shower stool to sit on. He would like support to wash parts he cannot reach easily (he appears embarrassed about exposing his private areas and said he would rather wear shorts/pants in the shower to cover). He needs support to dry areas he cannot reach easily. He would like to continue dressing as independently as possible but would like support with shoes and socks.  

Unsure if more time will be needed yet but we can start with 30 mins.


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