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Client Name
Cell Number
Nigel Kendall


Support package: 30 mins x 1 per week (Nigel’s preference would be Mon Wed or Fri)

Nigel reports having diagnoses of dehydrated discs, Sciatica and Arthritis. To support with a strip wash as Nigel experiences significant pain when bending, lifting arms etc. Pain worse on left hand side. Possibly to support with application of cream to lower legs if this is prescribed. He does not wish to use the showers as water is too cold and triggers his sciatica. I will send over his support plan once authorised.

I talked at length with Nigel about whether Blossoms will be beneficial for him or not, because he is managing to strip wash a few times per week but just experiences a lot of pain when doing it. But he decided he wanted to try, so we will start on a trial basis once per week and see how it goes. He feels quite embarrassed at the thought of needing care but I reassured him you all will make him feel comfortable. He has a cellmate who will need to be able to leave the cell to enable care to take place. It might be that having tried it, Nigel prefers to try and manage his personal care independently.

Also, Nigel’s pain medication was stopped recently hence his increased pain, if he is able to take further pain medication it might negate the need for your support.


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