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Client Name
Cell Number
Adam Brotherton


On arrival to IPD, staff to inform Adam of their arrival and that they will be coming to support him in XX minutes ( give rough timing after doing other care calls)
Collect clean towel and flannel from orderly if re quired and bowl with warm water.
Support Adam to wash and dry his upper body. Adam can wash and dry his private area. Healthcare are to wash and attend to the complex wound care on Adam’s lower half.
Staff to encourage Adam to brush his hair daily.
Staff to support with dressing Adam in clean clothes.
Please enable Adam to do as much himself as possible.
Twice a week to support Adam to wash his hair and rinse this thoroughly. This maybe could be done over the bath.

Half an hour call allocated. If Adam is not engaging in care 15 minutes into care call time, advise him that you are unable to complete the call due to other people to visit and advise us when/if this happens.


Please advise of any issues/ concerns as this care is very much reliant on joint working. Adam’s wounds are very complex and I have advised Healthcare that Blossoms will not be supporting with the washing of the lower body as this is their responsibility as part of the wound care regime.

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