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On Call Information Sheet for

Danny Gulyas

Springfield & Staplehurst

Danny Gulyas

Date of birth:

September 18, 1990


Springfield House, Staplehurst Rd, Sittingbourne


Health conditions:

  • Danny has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Global Development Delay, Microcephalus, challenging behaviours, and anxiety.


  • Risperidone 2mg. 1xtablet 8:00am and 19:00pm 10–12-hour gap.
  • Fluoxetine 20mg 1xtablet 8:00am Advised to take same time every day. If dose is missed/refused take you next dose the next day as usual.

Behavioural management:

Known behaviours:




•Making threats


•Damage to property

•Throwing items including hot drinks


•Being influence by other tenants to be unkind to someone

•Provocative comments

•Reaction seeking behaviours

•Will say he wants to move out


Triggers to behaviours:

•Overcrowding in the house

•Staff on shift or who are coming on shift

•Younger staff members

•New staff members

•Other tenants showing behaviours

•Mention of death or anything related to this subject

•Triggered words in song lyrics

•The news on radio or TV


•Danny’s mum

•People talking about “Dads” / Father’s Day

•Films with fighting/death


•Room management

•Prompts around personal care

•Prompts around meals

•Prompts around activities/ engagement of 1:1





How to manage this:

  • If Danny appears to be getting anxious, overwhelmed, or frustrated, for one staff to offer a chat in private place away from other tenants. If Danny is showing signs of being overwhelmed or upset regarding family, staff to give reassurance around this, give Danny opportunity to speak to family members to ease anxiety. If Danny has conflict with others within the house, collect each side of the story from each individual involved and find a solution between them, if required bring individuals involved together to discuss the situation.
  • If Danny becomes verbally challenging, a second staff member to be present, however, to not comment.
  • Staff to provide emotional reassurance around triggers of behaviours and anxiety. Encourage Danny to do activities he likes that he can use to distract himself, such as music, walk etc.
  • If Danny continues to present behaviours, the second staff member to then take the lead and the first staff member to just be present but not involved or comment on the situation any further. The second member of staff to attempt to calm Danny down, if this fails, prompt Danny to return to his room/give Danny space to calm down.
  • If Danny has refused to go to his room and leave communal areas, staff are to remove other tenants for their own safety and wellbeing.
  • When other tenants have been removed from the area, staff are to give reassurance to Danny and to try and calm him down, Danny may ask for a chat in the garden this is for one staff member to talk to him but one other to be present to listen with no commenting.
  • If Danny has them calmed down, Danny is to be encouraged to have a drink or to play a game with staff to help take his mind off the situation. If Danny is still presenting behaviours, one staff is to offer a walk around the block with Danny if Danny agrees to a walk staff are to stay calm and reassure Danny that everything will be fine and to think of something to do when arriving back home.
  • Danny will sometimes rely or talk to other members of staff more depending on the situation.
  • Danny can show behaviours around staff within 1.1 times. If he knows a member of staff is arriving to complete a 1.1 with him Danny may say things like” I’m going to play them up tonight.” Or “I’m going out tonight I don’t want my 1.1”, if this is to happen, then staff are not to react to Danny as this can lead on to further behaviours.


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Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 12:27:41 PM UTC
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