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On Call Information Sheet for

John Towler

St Georges & Medway Rd

John Towler

Date of birth:

December 10, 1959


223 St George's Ave, Sheerness ME12 1EJ, UK


0900-1700 – JT will (more often than not) try to lay in as long as possible and despite encouragement, remain in bed; encouragement should still be given periodically. JT needs a lot of motivation to do daily living tasks but is happy to ask lots of questions (that can at times be personal or very random in nature); it may be necessary to remind JT of boundaries or if he is being inappropriate. JT will spend most of his time watching TV in the living room.

1700-2200 – JT will have his dinner around 1700, he will choose what he wants; support needed with using cooking appliances and managing cooking times. JT will spend his time either watching TV in the living room or his own room. JT can go to his local shop if he chooses, just encourage him to go straight there and back, and not to talk to strangers.



JT – 0800 / 1700 / 2000 *note 1700 Promethazine x2 (blue) and 2000 Olanzapine x1 (white) are in the same blister of blister pack and need separating when 1700 medication is given.

Last Updated:

Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 11:44:25 AM UTC
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