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On Call Information Sheet for

Jon Mahoney

Springfield & Staplehurst

Jon Mahoney

Date of birth:

December 13, 1988


Staplehurst House, Staplehurst Road, Sittingbourne


Health conditions:


Jon is diagnosed of Epilepsy, ADHD, Asthma, and Autism.

Jon has not had a seizure since living at Blossoms.




  • Sertide Inhaler to administer 2xpuffs 8:00am and 20:00pm (purple inhaler)
  • Lamotrigine 25mg 3xTablets 8:00am
  • Lamotrigine 100mg 1xTablet 20:00pm
  • Vitamin B Compound 1xTablet 8:00am
  • Montelukast 10mg 1xTablet 20:00pm
  • Salbutamol 100mg PRN (blue inhaler)


Behaviour management:


Jon does not show challenging behaviours often however, when he does, he will shout, swear, throw items, threatening behaviour. Jon will usually be triggered by advised around healthy eating and portion control, health, mum, finances, cleaning. Sometimes the individuals can have “banter” and Jon will need to be advised if he is taking it too far. Jon to be prompted to his bedroom if showing challenging behaviours. If Jon refuses, to remove other tenants.

Sometimes, Jon will become anxious due to the news or subjects he has seen on Tiktok or other social media. He will become obsessive and fixate on this. Jon to be given reassurance.

Last Updated:

Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 12:20:09 PM UTC
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