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On Call Information Sheet for

Rosalee Russell


Rosalee Russell

Date of birth:

May 6, 1965


Elm Ln, Minster on Sea, Sheerness ME12, UK


About her

Rose likes shopping, gardening and bakin.
She does get anxious if to many people are around her. When this happens she tends to hide herself away.
Rose will let staff know when she is upset, if this does happen, she may refuse medication.
Soft support will earn her trust and she tends to seek comfort from a small number of people
Rose's husband Barry died in December 2021, shortly after she moved to Regis Gate, she has a candle which she doesnt light, to remind her of him.
Rose would like a plant pot in memory of Barry.
Rose doesnt like water in her face, so may refuse a shower/bath, some gentle encouragement will help her with this.
She does clubs throughout the week, arts and crafts, reading and writing and cooking. She likes trips out to the beach or cafe.
Rose can be independent to some degree, she is able to get a bus or taxi on her own, she is able to make meals and drinks herself.



Amlodipine 1 5MG (AM) High blood pressure.
Atenolol 1 50 50MG (AM) High blood pressure.
Bendroflumethiazide 1 2.5 MG (AM) High blood pressure and fluid retention.


Since moving in Mandalay

Rose has settled in quite well, she does like to try and cause a stir amoungst staff by twisting what was said.

Rose is also someone that can go very quiet or quite snappy when she is not in the mood to communicate, please ensure she is either left alone or prompted to go to her room.



Swelling with injections


Risk Assessment Information


Attempted suicide/self harm:

Roselie's mood fluctuates depending on social stressors. She says she wishes to go the same way as her husband who passed away in December 2021 (Late husband died of heart failure). Roselie has previously taken an overdose and previously threatened to go out in the cold and freeze to death. Roselie also disclosed that if she was to take an overdose she would not tell anyone that she was planning on doing this.


Roselie has reported that she may threaten to hurt herself but claims this is out of frustration and does not wish to die. Roselie's medication is delivered weekly in dossett boxes, Roselie is currently compliant.


6/12/22 - Roselie expressed she often thinks of taking an overdose. She will take anything including paracetamol. She informed me that she would not tell anyone that she will do this. No immediate plans but could not promise to keep herself same. Roselie refused to take the crisis team number or call them if need. Was future planning on appointment to get nails and hair done, cook cake and look into courses that she would like to do in the future like first aid, cooking, printing.


12/03/23 - Roselie presented at A+E reporting of an overdose of prescribed medication. Unclear if Roselie took an overdose. Roselie was taken back home where she was supported by staff at Regis gate. Roselie then denied taking an overdose during a telephone call on 14/3/23.


Harm to other people:

Roselie has stated that she has previously threatened to harm others with sharp objects but claims this is also through frustration; people not understanding her and she wants them to leave her alone. Current safeguarding open due to Roselie threatening another person with a knife. It is also claimed in the safeguarding that Roselie has forced another person to have sex with her. Roselie is not aware of this safeguarding currently. Roselie is currently looking to move from her current placement.


Other risks:

Roselie cannot read or write but can recognise numbers. Currently in debt. Capacity assessments need to be carried out around finances, relationships and sexual relationships. Roselie is currently in debt and stated that the bailiffs are going to come to her property. Alex at Regis gate will see if she can support. This is suppose to be over council tax.

Roselie reported whilst at hospital on 12/3/23 that she was sexually assaulted by another resident. Safeguarding was raised and police informed. Female only to work with Roselie if possible, If a male attends 2:1 staffing

Protective factors:


Roselie's children are her protective factors. Open to MHLD.

Last Updated:

Friday, April 28, 2023 at 9:36:40 AM UTC
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