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On Call Information Sheet for

Colin Gaunt

St Georges & Medway Rd

Colin Gaunt

Date of birth:

July 3, 1972


223 St Georges Avenue Sheerness on Sea


0900-1700 – CG will always have 1:1 between these times on weekdays; if not or on weekends, CG likes to spend his time in the living room with his housemates watching TV, or spending his times listening to his CD’s in his room (Chaz ‘n’ Dave is his favourite). On an average day CG will ask regularly for snacks and drinks; encouragement should be given to wait for his dinner.

1700-2200 – CG generally has his dinner at around 1700 and needs full support with cooking. CG is encouraged by staff to wait until 1900 for a snack; he also has a hot chocolate after his medication in the evening. At times, CG WILL be persistent in requesting extra snacks and will ask numerous times if its 7 o’clock yet? Please be steadfast and stick to the 1900 time (This is in place under advice from GP).

If you need to go out with CG please be aware his road safety awareness is not where it should be.

Please link his arm when close to roads.


0830 / 2000 *note Ask CG to not chew tablets. If highly agitated (eyes crossing, teeth clenched or grinding, excessive ripping of clothing etc) then PRN Clonazepam may be required; on call must be notified of intended administration.

Last Updated:

Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 11:41:15 AM UTC
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