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On Call Information Sheet for

Sally Webb


Sally Webb

Date of birth:

September 18, 1966


Mandalay, Elm Lane, Minster on Sea


Medical History

Downs syndrome

stress related psoriasis

broken leg 2008



spectrum disorder

Onset Dementia


Sally has obsessive behaviour with fluids which needs to be controlled so to speak, allowing her to have access to fluids in stages to avoid her bloating / excessively needing the toilet.


Toilet - Sally will most likely self pleasure when using a bathroom, this can then irritate her skin when she does does this excessively hence the need to control her access for fluid.


Sally will be very uncooperative when she is in need for fluid and staff need to talk softly and encourage her to only have sips in order to satisfy her quench.


Last Updated:

Saturday, March 18, 2023 at 9:44:33 AM UTC
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